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Ariana oliver


What will happen if my toddlers eye lid is red?

The bottom eye lid of her left eye is really pink. And it keeps getting worse. She is a little fussy and her nose. Is that a sign of pink eyes or red eyes?
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  • eeelisa814


    If there is also a lot of goopy things in her eye and she feels burning, sensitive to light, it is likely that she is having pink eye. You can use some home remedy first for her to relieve it. Place the warm compresses dipped with rose, lavender or chamomile oil over your eyes and apply it for 5-10 mins for 3-4 times a day. Hot compress relieves the discomfort as well as removes the infection from the eyes. Then take her to the doctor and get some prescription eye drops or ointments.
  • Hebbe


    I don't know how old your child is. But first of all, you should take her or him to hospital since you said that it kept getting worse. If you child likes to play computer or phone, you should pay attention, blue light and ultraviolet rays from computer and phone are bad for eyes, keep them away from your child. But if you child is a baby, pay attention to the cleaning when you take care of him or her, buy some swab in drugstores and clean baby's eyes with it. don't use towel. In short, cleaning is the most important. Hope your baby's eyes will be OK soon.
  • Mariah shelley


    Your toddlers may be affected the conjunctivitis. Conjunctiva often was related directly to the nature in which the environment around has many bacteria brought to little kids through rubbing her eyes with unclear hands. The solution for this situation is to drop steroid (cortisone) eye drops in order to alleviate the patient's condition. But for patients with bacterial conjunctivitis, it is necessary to put antibiotics, ointment or even the oral or injectable antibiotics in the eye. Of course, these methods look like to be used in adults. Indeed, it is a good choice for you to take your baby to see the ENT doctor for his advice at once when your toddlers appear eye lid being red or burning, especially getting little fussy and her nose. Because she is too young to use the home remedies. One perfect proverb goes, "Never try anything in a blind treatment". But not nervous either. You must believe that your baby will be OK as long as you don't waste the time to give her first aid treatment.