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When can i start weight lifting after corneal transplant ?

I just took a corneal transplant. And i was told that i shall avoid some strenuous exercises. So, when can i start some weight lifting after the surgery?
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  • Mona


    Well, according to some doctor, you should not lift weights after you have taken an eye surgery. So you need to avoid weight lifting in the first week. Or it can lead to many eye problems. For example, by doing it, it will just increase the risk of eye strain, and make your eyes tired. And then it will just hurt your eyes and slow down your eyes' recovery. Anyway, you are not supposed to weight lifting in the first week after the surgery. Also, you need to pay more attention to your eyes too, for eye infection, and other eye problems can occur during the recovery period.
  • Riley gary


    Yes, after the corneal transplant, you'd better protect the eyes carefully. You should have the good rest for the eyes. You should not sit in front of the computers for a long time. You should not do the strenuous exercise too, like the weight lifting. You should wait for the three months' general recovery and then do the weight lifting. You should protect the eyes carefully.