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Jacqueline warren


Why are titanium glasses so popular lately?

I find many people prefer titanium glasses? Why do people like them? What are advantages of titanium glasses?
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  • come__tomorrow


    If there is something very popular, it must be that this kind of thing has many advantages. Titanium glasses are no exception. Firstly, the titanium glasses seem like a kind of luxury. You can find that many rich men wear this kind of glasses. Secondly, the titanium material is lighter than other material such as steel. Titanium glasses have a very important benefit which makes them become very popular. That is titanium glasses can be acceptable by people with sensitive skin. Of course, the titanium glasses have disadvantage like high cost. However, considering the all aspects, titanium glasses are very good choice for people.
  • Dan Samberg


    titanium glasses frame has lots of advantages because of physical property of titanium, first of all, it's lighter than other materials' frame. Secondly, it's tough and hard. Thirdly, it won't be corroded and rusty. What's more, it won't lead to people's allergy. At the beginning of 90's, titanium glasses have a good development overseas. But it's still a little expensive, because our raw material is imported from Japan.
  • Patricia


    Firstly, titanium is kind of mental. Mental frame glasses make people look mature. Secondly, titanium is a kind of material used in astronautical science, marine science, nuclear electricity generation and industry as it has the advantages of high toughness, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high staleness and good elasticity. The titanium used in making glasses has good formability with light weight and it also does not fade with the time going. So, it is very good for you to wear titanium framed glasses.

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