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What is best way to clean my titanium-frame eyeglasses?

My titanium-frame eyeglasses are expensive. I want to take good care of them? Does anyone can advise me some good ways to clean it?
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  • Sean


    Cleaning titanium-frame eyeglasses is the same as you cleaning other eyeglasses. You can wash the eyeglasses everyday by the following method. First, rinse your eyeglasses frames in clean water. Second, use several drops of mild cleaning solution and wipe your eyeglasses gently. Third, use clean water to wash your eyeglasses and dry your eyeglasses with soft clothes.
  • Julio G.


    It is not a difficult job. Just follow the steps. Firstly, wash your eyeglasses with a mild soap or soap-suds and warm water to keep your lenses clean. Secondly, use a piece of soft cloth or optical cloth to dry your eyeglasses. Thirdly, get a professional lens-cleaning cloth and lens gel to remove fingerprints, dirt buildup and smudges. Finally, use your thumb and forefinger to hold the frame and gently buff the lenses in a circular motion with another hand. And remember to put your eyeglasses in your case when you do not wear them and avoid using paper towels or camera lens paper to wipe your glass lenses.
  • Melissa


    Basically, there is no point in worrying too much about that, titanium is a solid kind of material, so it can be quite durable than other kinds. So, if you want to protect it , you can rub it with cloth after using it and take it to a glasses store to wash it because there are some special water to clean glasses, usually, free of charge, on condition that you are their frequent customer.
  • %u8C2D %u6653%u79CB


    Titanium is a kind of metal enjoying a stability and not to fade away. You would follow those steps: first, avoid rub it with hard articles. Second, use soft cloth to clean it if necessary. Third, use the sliver polish cloth with some toothpaste to brush it softly and then wash it with clean water finally dry it with clean cloth. You will find it is shinning as a new.