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Kyle owen


What are sunglasses that are in syle for a teenager in 2012?

I want to buy a pair of sunglasses for one of my friends? Is there anyone who can recommend some sunglasses that are really cool in 2012. By the way, My friend is a teenage girl. Thanks!
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  • Gabriella


    Since vintages style is still popular in 2012, for teenage girls, vintage stuff are hot in the fashion world. vintage sunglasses such as cat eye sunglasses are very fashionable and add styles to their image. In addition, oversized sunglasses are suitable for her because these sunglasses will make her face look prettier and help her make a bold fashion statement. If your friend want to have a cool look, classic aviator sunglasses will make her look fashion forward. She will never go wrong with these sunglasses that I recommend
  • Kyle kirk


    To teenage girl, you can choose some bright colored frames sunglasses. In 2012, retro sunglasses are still in fashion and it seems will go on in fashion for a long time. So, you can choose some retro vintage sunglasses to get unique look. Besides, some sunglasses with bright colored frames also come into sight in this summer. And i think such colored sunglasses are suitable to young girls.
  • Robert murphy


    As far as I can see, the hottest sunglasses in 2012 for teenagers are new stylish sunglasses. They are really a work of art on teenagers, especially on girls. They are available in tortoise, black and white and also available in various colors of lenses. Besides, heart-shaped sunglasses are a nice choice. On the one hand, they can protect your eyes well from UV lights and dust. On the other hand, they will make you look very attractive, just like a rock star. There are also some other choices you may try: vintage-style round sunglasses, highlighter-yellow sunglasses, vintage-style half-frame sunglasses, classic black wayfarer sunglasses and so on.
  • Caitlin lee


    Chloe style is popular now, and the key point is Chloe stands for the cultural life of new young generation. It is famous for the character of youth, passion, and fashion and so on. So, it is suited for a teenage girl exactly. And the material is in high quality. if you want to buy them, I suggest you to find them at online stores that sell these sunglasses at cheaper prices.
  • candylndsuicide


    Keeping an eye on our favorite superstars' eyewear, we can find that in 2012. The following styles of sunglasses are leading fashion. Firstly, heart-shaped sunglasses. Once mentioning this kind of sunglasses, a famous style winner's name comes into our mind, namely Josh Hutcherson. With this pair of sunglasses, teenagers can not only get protection against the strong sunlight, but also look as hot as Josh Hutcherson. Second, black aviators. They are cool and sexy on guys' face. And it can enhance the chiseled look on a guy. Besides, with this pair of sunglasses, guys are more recognizable by girls in the sea of people. Except these two kinds, there are many other sunglasses that are in style for a teenager this year. To make sensible choice, you can go to the exclusive shop to have a try.