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Is amblyopia curable? How to treat amblyopia?

My kid has Amblyopia. Is it curable? Can any kind of treatment to deal with this?
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  • Zachary garcia


    Till know, i didn't head that amblyopia can be cure. But i saw an article that said: Dr. Thompson, a post-doctoral fellow at the McGill Vision Research Unit has conducted a study that amblyopia can be temporarily improved vision with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). It is said that rTMS technique can change magnetic fields to the head with a hand-held coil rapidly.
  • Robert Johnson


    Amblyopia, with another name lazy eye, is an eye disease which bothers a large number of people worldwide. And it is said that amblyopia is the leading cause of eye problems in children. As far as I know, amblyopia is easily treated and completely curable if caught early, but may lead to lifelong visual problems if left uncorrected. There are 2 main ways to treat amblyopia: eye patch and eye drops. It is best to treat the problem before age 5, which may result in a complete cure with no lingering effects. So you are required to bring your baby to see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Robert Lipman


    If you have a treatment timely and use the right way, amblyopia can be curable. The particularity of amblyopia prevention lies in its strong timeliness. If you treat timely, the effect is significant, if you miss the opportunity, you will regret. You should under the guidance of the doctor. The period of amblyopia treatment can be as short as 2-3 years, and as long as 7-8 years. Correction of refractive errors is not the basis for treatment, you should have optometry every six months. And you should also go to the hospital to review every 2-3 months to adjust treatment program timely. There are a variety of treatment of amblyopia. In addition to wear the right glasses, some treatments are not easy to accept, and people can not persist, such as occlusion therapy, it use a black cloth cover one eyes with good eyesight, which force to use eye with anblyopia to see thing. If both of your eyes have amblyopia, you can cover your eye alternately. There are also a lot of other treatments for amplyopia, but no matter what kind of treatment, you should under the guidance of the doctor, and have a regular review.

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