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Mya harris


What is the superstition about right eye twitching?

What is right eye twitching superstition? What does that mean? Good luck or bad luck?
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  • Sue Livingston


    As the saying goes: "right eye twitching means disaster", but there is no scientific basis, "twitching eyes" is actually the human body the beginning of the illness. In most cases, it is caused by the eye excessive, fatigue, mental strain, etc. In addition, myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism also can produce this kind of symptom. Twitching eyes can be divided into physiological and pathological. Physiological twitching eyes does not need to treat and the time is very short. But, pathological twitching eyes need to be treated. Because it is even with the corners of the mouth, half face together twitching and also feel nausea and dizziness. So, if it is a long time and gradually aggravate, you should go to the hospital.
  • come__tomorrow


    I am a Chinese girl. In my country, I heard that the right eye of a men twitches, he may has good luck or windfall. But to females, the twitching of the left eye can bring us good luck. But I am doubt about that for if both of our eyes are twitching at the same time, what does it mean? Will it mean that I will have good luck or bad luck at the same time? Or can the good luck and bad luck counteract the effects? Now both of eyes are twitching, can you tell me what's wrong with my eyes?
  • Denise


    I don't believe this superstition. I am suffering from eye twitching too. It is bought by tiredness and fatigue eyes. Now, I often relax myself during my work and rest my eyes when I work in front of a computer. I believe that twitching eyes can be caused by Myokymia. From the scientific view, people may suffer from Myokymia when he or she is lacking of sleep, taking too much alcohol or caffeine. If we avoid all these causes, we may possibility get away from eye twitching. Trust me!
  • Ana evelyn


    The twitching eyes are actually a reaction of our body. But some people are superstitious about it in different omen. I heard that there are some people who believe that twitching in the right eye is good omen if you look at it from the prospective of a folklore view. Some people believe is a signal of bad luck. But in fact it just indicates that you are lack of sleep, stress, etc.
  • Ghassan S.


    The eye experts of the hospital say that the saying ''left eye jump fortune, right eye jump disaster'' is lack of a scientific basis. The eyelid contains two muscle, one of it called the orbicularis oculi muscle, the contraction of orbicularis oculi muscle can make the eyelid close; another muscle called the levator palpabrae muscle, the contraction of it can make eyes open. If the nerve of the two muscles is stimulated by certain factors, the two muscles can be excited at the same time, so there will be repeated contraction, spasm or fibrillation. The cause of eye twitching may be due to the lack of sleep, anemia, excessive smoking and drinking or eye illness. If the twitching attacks in a very short time and the degree of the beating are not so serious, you just need a local massage or hot pack that can make the symptoms disappear quickly.
  • Robert Johnson


    In china, people believe that the twitching of the right eye will bring somebody bad luck, the twitching of the left eye is a good sign. But I searched on the internet and found that the western hold that left eye twitching is a bad sign while the right eye twitching will bring you good luck. I don't know why different people treat this in different ways but I can tell you that the superstition works little in our daily life. If we want to be lucky, we must be a hardworking person and nurture a good personality and characteristic when we were young. Then we may persist in what we dream of and get what we want in the end.
  • evelyn


    My friend said that if the upper eyelid twitches, somebody may gossip you at this moment. If the lower eyelid twitches, you may have a good fortune very soon. But I still suggest you to have a good rest in the night and do not stay up too late in the night. If you are a heavy smoker, I suggest you to smoke less in the night for the nicotine in cigarettes will excited you and affect your sleeping.
  • James


    In Indian, there are many superstitions. When it comes to the twitching eye superstitions, the left eye twitches may mean a good omen that will happen immediately, while right eye twitches may mean that something inauspicious will happen. But the Nigerians believe that left eye twitches will bring them bad luck, the right eye twitches will bring them good luck just as what the some Chinese people believes.
  • evilbunny1369


    I heard that if your left eye twitches, there are some people in the family will pass away; if the right eye twitches, there is a baby to be born in your family. In Hawaii, people also believe in this version and they also believe that a twitching left eye can also mean the arrival of a stranger. But I also heard that Hawaiians believe that a twitching eye may mean you are going to mourn for someone or a stranger will come.
  • Jade


    According to some of the elderly, the right eye twitch is a sign of good omen. Some, however, insist that it is a sign of bad omen. Good or bad, eye twitching does not really make an earth shattering difference in life. You may have heard of different myths surrounding eye twitches. Some say right eye twitching is a sign of a symbolic event going to happen in your life. According to one superstition, right eye twitching means someone is talking about you behind your back. And, it is also believed right eye twitching is supposed to be bad for women and good for men. Left eye twitching is considered to be favorable for women and unfavorable for men. Well, these are just a few myths and folklore about eye twitching.
  • cmg6891


    Eye twitching is generally known as myokymia. The involuntary muscle contractions cause the eyes to twitch. There are many reasons that cause such an occurrence, including stress, consumption of coffee/tea (caffeine), allergies, alcohol, or the lack of nutritious food. You can treatments them like this: find ways to relax, sleep, improve your diet, Cut out caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco from your diet. Relax your eye muscles, Soak a hand towel in warm water and apply it to your eyes in order to relax the eye muscles. Avoid eye strain, Avoid harsh lighting, television, and computer screens in order to relax the eye muscles.

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