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Kyle kirk


Is it ok to wear clear lens glasses when my eye sight is perfect?

I find many people wear clear lens glasses for styles. Can i wear them when my eye are Ok. Are they safe?
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  • marvina


    Yes, they are safe definitely. Fashion non prescription glasses make you look cool! But as a girl who has worn glasses for several years, I want to tell you that wearing glasses in the early period does not have something bad, but you are in a habit of wearing them, you may in a trouble. When I was very young, I think wearing glasses is so cool, so I buy a pair of glasses for myself. But after one year, my eye sight was worse. I'm not telling you do not wear clear lens glasses. I just want to suggest you that do not wear them all the time or in a long time.
  • Jocelyn david


    Of course you can wear clear lens glasses. In our life, the glasses are not only the medical device but also become the very important accessory for makeup. You can see many people especially some fashionable people wear a pair of clear glasses or even a pair of glasses without lenses in the street. Many superstars or TV host like wearing a pair of glasses to flatter their faces even their sights are perfect. In addition, if you choose a pair of clear glasses with special lenses, you can still get special advantages. For example, you buy a pair of glasses with anti-UV coating lenses, your eyes will be protected from UV. If you use computer often, you can choose the radiation protection lenses. So go for a pair of clear glasses to make you look better.
  • Isabelle garcia


    If you want a pair of clear lens glasses, the lens dispenser will certainly tell you there is no problem. Because I also wear them, here is some experience. I just bought them a few days ago because I've got a job in which one needs to stare at the computer screen for a long time. And because of my allergic conjunctivitis I need a pair of safety goggles against radiation, with clear lenses. With these lenses on, I felt the stimulus from the screen was cut down heavily, the surface of my eyeballs wouldn't feel any pain even looking at it for 1 hour. But there is also a problem, during the first few days my eyes were distending painful, which could be relieved after off-taking the glasses. That is perhaps the glasses are after all a foreign matter to our eyes, which confine our visual field. They are not only placed in front of the eyes, but also right up on our nose and ears. That is to say most organs on our head can feel the existence of this foreign matter. When we are doing brain work this can certainly add to the sense of stress. So do remember to relax during the work.
  • Pallavi Singh


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