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Can I play basketball with prescription glasses? Is it safe?

I LOVE basketball , but i have myopia and have to wear prescription glasses. Is it ok to wear glasses while playing basketball?
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  • ebernardino


    In my opinion, playing basketball with prescription glasses is safer than Lasik surgery and wearing contacts. When you are doing strenuous exercises, the myosis happens that will lead to your lenses falling out of your eyes. What else, to some extend, your eyes will be hurt after Lasik surgery and there will be more limitations. Just be more careful, you can wear the glasses when you play basketball.
  • Caitlin owen


    If need vision aids while playing basketball, you can just buy prescription basketball glasses. Some people also called it basketball goggles. They can be made with prescription lenses to meet your vision requirements. With the prescription basketball glasses, they can also protect the eyes when you play basketball games.
  • Bernice


    Yes, but they are a special kind of glasses, which look more like goggles. The lenses are made of PC material, with plastic frame and translucent rubber around it. Elastic band can help to fasten the glasses when jumping or running. All these designs are made to the maximum benefit of the players with ametropia. My younger brother is also a basketball player, who has heavy prescription too. He is strict with equipments and always wearing these kinds of goggles when playing basketball. Recently he just bought a new pair, after 5 years with the old pair. What I know is that the translucent rubber is likely to aging with perspiration on it, so don't forget to wipe them with clean wet cloth after sports.
  • tommy


    If you wear normal framed glasses, it is not safe. You know that you may hurt by other players' elbows or the balls. And it can easily happen that the flying ball or the elbows hurt your eyes. If you just wear normal glasses, the lenses may get broken and even get into your eyes. Wow, that make a very unbelievable consequence and you can even lose your sight. You can buy a pair of prescription goggles as the first choice or you can fill you a pair of glasses with titanium alloy frame and resin lenses.
  • Paige williams


    Most of prescription glasses lenses are made of normal glasses or plastic. The hardness of these glasses is not enough to get rid of attack. In addition, the frame of normal prescription glasses is easy to fall off when you are playing basketball. Therefore, I recommend you to buy a pair of sports glasses, also known as goggle. The professional sports glasses will not only avoid you from injury in the games but also provide you many other advantages. For example, the sports glasses will help you concentrate on the games. That would let you make better performance in the ground. So considering you play basketball often, you should buy a pair of sports glasses.
  • Savannah


    According to my experience, wearing prescription glasses while play basketball is not a good choice. As we know that basketball is strenuous exercise. When playing, we may sweat a lot, which is probably wet your glasses and brings you obscure vision. Besides, prescription glasses is easily to be broken during the strenuous exercise , which not only damage your glasses, but also perhaps hurt you. Therefore, it is very dangerous to play basketball with prescription glasses. You had better try to use the contact or wear prescription sports glasses. I think prescription sports glasses such as basketball goggles are quite useful item to protect our eyes and offer vision aid at the same time.

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