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Where are serengeti sunglasses manufactured?

Is there anyone who know serengeti sunglasses ? Can you tell me where they are manufactured?
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  • coppercoconut19


    The brand of serengeti is founded in 1902 in America. Serengeti sunglasses are characterized with two big functions of color and polarized light , which are especially suitable for driving the car, air driving, sailboat, playing golf movement. They are made in America. In addition, the developing country as China can also regard as its processing side.
  • Mya


    Serengeti is a brand of sunglasses, and this brand is owned by Bushnell Corporation. This is an American company. It has offices in Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and the USA, so all of these places can manufacture these sunglasses. Serengeti sunglasses own the photochromic technology, which can make the lens quickly adjust to light variation. These sunglasses use polarization technology, which can prevent ultraviolet rays and reduce glare. And it also has spectral control technology, which can give color enhancement and high-definition contrast.
  • BOB



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