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How to apply eyeliner when wearing my glasses?

I am a girl with eyeglasses. I want to makeup my eyes with eyeliner. Any idea?
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  • Jackson raphael


    It is so easy just like those who don't need to wear the eyeglasses. Taking off the eyeglasses, you can use make up your eyes with eyeliner. Then using the mascara cream t to brush your eyelashes. After the make up is OK, you just wear your eyeglasses. Such make up may make your eyes look attractive, changing the nerd image of wearing eyeglasses.
  • Mya harris


    Myopic lenses will narrow the size of the eyes, so when you makeup, you should give an emphasis effect. When you apply eyeliner, it should be concentrated and heavy, use the light eye shadow at the bottom of eyebrows and eyelashes. If you have a pair of pale brows, you can use eyebrow pencil to deep the color of them, and do not use a very light color, because it would not be coordinated. When you apply eyeliner, you should prevent liquid eyeliner spot your eyeglasses. And you should brush on mascara, when it becomes dry, you can wear glasses.
  • Angelica giles


    Generally, nearsighted glasses makes eyes smaller, while far-sight one makes eyes bigger, because the imagination behind concave mirror and convex mirror are separately smaller and bigger. If you wear shot-sight glasses, you need to apply thick eyeliner; for the latter, a thin eyeliner. It is different that applying eyeliner to someone with or without glasses. For instance, for a short-sight one, the eyeliner is thicker. And the eyeliner must be water-proof, because short-sight eyes are moist. Hope you a shining eyes behind glasses!
  • Unny


    A winged eyeliner is good for highlighting your eyes, but it is quite a hard thing to do. If you can already do a winged eyeliner, apply the line and wing, then a thin line of pencil under the eye on the outer edge. If you can't do a wing, then a line is just as good. Lots of thick eyeliner above and below your eyes will not look good with glasses, you will look like you have coloured in the lenses, not a flattering look!