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How to swim when i wear glasses?

I need my eyeglasses for vision aids. But i also want to swim to help me build healthy body. Can you give me some tips how to swim with wearing eyeglasses?
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  • Alexandria


    Swimming is a good sports to build healthy body. If you are short sighted, I don't suggest you to wear the eyeglasses to swim because the eyeglasses are easily to drop off and the water may corrode the flames of eyeglasses. You can wear the swimming goggles with prescription which can not only help you see clearly but also have no care of dropping off.
  • DEREK Garrana


    If you are myopic, and if it is, there are so many goggles with a degree which you can find in manufacturers. No doubt, it is convenient to wearing goggles. If you are with eyeglasses when you are swimming, careless off, you may get into trouble. If you really want to swim with the eyeglasses, it is recommended that you had better to tie a rubber band. If you are, you do not have to worry about water waves hitting over glasses and felling into the water.
  • Jennifer


    You can wear eyeglasses when you swimming for vision aids. It just need you absorb the extra water from surface of glasses after swimming. However, it is very easily to have the glasses broken or drop from the sport process. Some people attach a string into the glasses legs to prevent drop to the water. But I think the best way for you is to find a prescription swimming goggles to help you when you swim, it is the most convenience to the people who love water sports just as you. You also would purchase it online. It's the most efficient way for you to choose.
  • juney


    You%u2019d better wear the swimming goggle with prescription, vision usually is not as good as your spectacles but that should be good for swimming. you can order these at your eye doctor's office or at some sport shops.