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How to kiss when we are wearing glasses?

I wear a pair of thick eyeglasses. It is very boring when i kiss my girlfriend. Any idea?
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  • Marissa edward


    Why are you so cute, kissing has nothing to do with wearing glasses. Wearing glasses wouldn't affect you kiss your girlfriend, that is to say, it will not stand in the way of yours. But some people will take off the glasses when they are kissing, this may be because they want to make each other happier in the fierce way. So, you can choose to pick off the glasses and devote yourself to kiss. Lastly, I wish you have a nice day.
  • campbell


    My girl friend and I both wear the eyeglasses. So I can understand your situation. When we kiss, our head will tilt in different direction which may let us avoid to touch with each eyeglasses. And we sometimes take off the eyeglasses and kiss. Closing your eyes and taking off the eyeglasses, the feeling of kiss is so good. You can take these two advices.
  • RJ


    What a wonderful and romantic question! Ok, I must confess, I usually kiss with my boyfriend when I am wearing my contacts, especially the colorful contacts, which is more charming! Why you buy some contacts for you? That will make you feel more confidence and charming? Of course, you also can take the eyeglasses off when you are kissing, but it's troublesome and convenient. So I recommend you to wear contacts when you fall in love.
  • QHK


    I wear glasses and it shouldn%u2019t affect anything
  • Joshua hanna


    My girlfriend and I both wear eyeglasses, We both take ours off(sometimes we will close our eyes and take off our glasses).

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