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How much do glasses cost at stanton optical?

Have you buy eyeglasses at stanton optical? Do you know how much they charge? I plan to buy one from there. How much should i prepare?
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  • Tessence


    It is not cheap to buy eyeglasses at stanton optical. One of my co-worker told me that he total ended up cost about $350 for a pair of prescription eyeglasses. It is more than what he wanted to spend. So, you may prepare hundreds of dollars if you want to buy a pair there. If you look for affordable one, you can search it online or buy it at Walmart Vision Center which is much cheaper.
  • walentynka


    Yes, stanton optical is a very good choice, where you can get good service and satisfactory results. But, you should also know that the price of a pair of glasses is closely related with a lot of factors. For example, it is related with region, brand, quality, etc , and even with your prescription. Suggest you go to their website and have a look, you can click on this: Then your question will be solved.
  • Michelle percy


    The common type of eyeglasses at stanton optical is about $20. However, the price is considered variously because of the different materials, different lenses, different frames and so on. If you want to buy one with good quality and fashionable design, you may prepare more money. The price is fixed on your needs and hobby.

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