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Kevin percy


Does wearing glasses make your face look thinner?

I saw many people, especially girls, wear eyeglasses. I just wonder if wearing glasses makes their face look thinner. Or it will make it look better?
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  • b0rkb0rkb0rk


    Yes, nowadays, it has been a trend that many people who like fashion. To look pretty and thinner with glasses, you'd better pick the right frame/color/style for your face. Besides that, some people just don't look good with glasses like some don't look good with contacts. Here are a few tips I've learned. For example, flat nose especially the nose bridge, don't get those plastic frames, because that will make your nose and face look even flatter. Then somewhat wide forehead and around cheekbones, don't get wide or ret angular frames, if you choose that type, it will make your face look even wider. If you are short or round face, just get oval short frames. For chunky eyes, it's best to get metal/under wire frames, but plastic frames. It draws even more attention to your eyes so they look even smaller. Anyway, it all depends on your face, nose and eyes. Therefore, before you want get a eyeglasses, you'd better go and see a eye doctor who will give you some good suggestion. Well, just make sure you pick the right frames for your face, as well as the right color to compliment you skin tone.
  • crazyasswhatnow


    Yes, wearing glasses with some special type may make your face look thinner from the visual effect. If you have the round face, the square frame eyeglasses may decorate your round face to make it a little thinner. Usually the black frame eyeglasses will have this function. You could have a try. And the client in the eyeglasses store may give you the suggestion of the suitable eyeglasses.
  • Shelby rodney


    Yes of course, wearing glasses will make face look thinner. Especially the exaggerated big frame glasses. You know some girls wearing plain glasses just because in order to shape the thinner face other than myopia prescription. The decorations on the glasses will also drive the people's attention from your big face shape into the fancy patterns, that truly help you to sharpen your face in visual affection. Hope my answer will help you.
  • Loome


    Yes, sometimes wearing glasses will make our face look thinner. If slimming is the name of your style game, then choose an eyeglass frame that is the opposite shape of your face. For example, if you have a squarer jaw line or sharp angles on your face, you%u2019ll want an eyeglass frame with an oval or round shaped lens. Likewise, if your face is circular %u2014 you%u2019ll get the biggest thinning effect from a frame that has sharper angles or a more rectangular shaped lens.

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