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Can I smoke after corneal transplant?

Is it OK if i smoke after the corneal transplant? Will it bad for my eyes?
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  • Sara scott


    Well, according to some doctors, you should not smoke after the corneal transplant. If you keep smoking during the recovery process, it will just make your eyes worse. Generally speaking, after the surgery, you need to be careful about your eyes, for your eyes are more fragile than before. Through smoking, it will lead to more serious problems. For example, it will just make your eyes become swollen, and swelling. In that way, it will affect the recovery and slow down the healing progress. Maybe you can put cucumbers on your eyes and do not smoke weed. So just avoid it.
  • Christian george


    No, it is bad for you to smoke after the corneal transplant which will be bad for your eyes. The cigarettes effect will stimulate your eye nerves which will affect your eyes recovery after the corneal transplant. You should have the good habit of diet and life. In addition, you could eat more vegetables to increase the vitamin C.
  • Jade scott


    In fact, the situation after the corneal transplant varies from person to person. But in general, people who get corneal transplant should better not smoke for one month at least after that. Because after the surgery, your eyes are not in stable condition and the irritating materials inner the weed may stimulate your eye nerves which may cause your eyes feel uncomfortable or even cause inflammation and some other eyes injuries. Accordingly, for the sake of your eyes' healthy, you are not supposed to smoke after surgery. In addition, It is recommended that you should keep TV or computer away, have enough sleep, eat some vegetables and fruits, and i believe you will restore to your sight soon.

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