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Is there any home remedy for a stye in the eye?

It is really terrible to get a stye in the eyes. Can you tell me some home remedy to treat it? Thank you.
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    Well, first, you should know that a stye is inflammation of the eyelid, usually inside one of the small glands lining the eyelid. Most styes are caused by infection from bacteria. Of course, stress can also lead to an eye stye. This information comes from other people who have noticed their increased stress level bringing styes on. Also medical authorities have confirmed that stress can for example trigger the development of a stye. To treat it, the effective way you can do is just making sure your eyes are far from the bacteria, so that they can not be infected. Also, you should not be stressed. Having a good rest is also effective. also, you can drop some eye drops.
  • clozco


    Yes, there is home remedy for a style in eye. Now, I will introduce you five home remedy. First, if you have gold rings, you can use one to rub the stye. Since doing this, the pain will go away the so does stye. Second, give some compress to your stye with warm and wet cloth four to five times a day. Third, wash your eyes three to four times a day with boiled water with coriander seeds. Fourth, apply some hot Guava leaves on your eyes. Fifth, potatoes can reduce stye as well. You can put grated potato as poultice on your eyes.
  • Jaime


    Eye stye is described as inflammation of the eyelid that occurs when bacteria block the glands of the lid to make it red, painful and swelling. But they are not harm the eye, but they would recur and cause discomfort with blinking. There are some home remedies can treat it. Firstly, you should apply a warm compress twice a day to reduce the swelling of the eyes. Or you can place teabag on the stye because the tannic acids help shrink the stye. Another way is drinking dandelion tea to remove the bacteria responsible for the stye. Additionally, you can dip a fresh cotton swab in some castor oil and apply it to the stye two times each day.

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