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What are the best sunglass for asian nose?

I want to buy a pair of sunglasses to my friend. But he has a asian nose. What are the best sunglass for asian nose?
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  • Tyler charles


    You could choose from the ray ban sunglasses which will be suitable for the people with asian nose. The ray ban sunglasses are so cool at the design and so excellent at the quality. Whatever from the quality of the design, it is the good choice for you to give as a present. And your friend will love it very much.
  • Shelby harris


    I found several manufacturers that make "Asian- fit" sunglasses. The top one is Oakley. Their Asian-fit sunglasses take advantage of specially sized nose pads to make the frame sit higher on the face and stay comfortably in place. So these products are high tech, good qualities, creative designers and great materials. is a hot site that can let you know more about Asian-fit sunglasses. By the way ,on this site, you can make sense them with pictures .
  • coloradolicious


    It seems that your friend comes from an Asian country or does he simply have an Asian nose. As a matter of fact, there are some possible options for that. geek glasses and black glasses are amazing, both of which are suitable for that kind of nose. But the wise strategy for you would be to have a closer look at his nose and then make some consequent decisions with regard to what to buy.