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Robert murphy


What should you do if you get laundry detergent in your eyes?

It is really painful to get laundry detergent in the eyes. Is it harmful to the eyes? Any suggestion to help the eyes?
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  • John Hendry


    Yes. it is very painful if you get laundry detergent in your eyes. If you meet problem, you shall use a lots of clean water to flush your eyes immediately. Usually, as long as you wash the laundry detergent out of your eyes, your eyes will recover soon. If your eyes were badly hurt, you'd better see a doctor to get your eyes checked.
  • Eric quick


    Yes,it is harmful to your eyes. Because there are a lot of chemical in laundry detergents and these chemical will irritate your eyes. Without treating, your eyes will get infected at worst. You should flush your eyes a few times and then apply a warm washcloth to rinse you eyes. Or you can soak your eyes in water few seconds. After doing these, you should go to see a doctor for help.
  • Sharron Green


    If a laundry detergent accidentally get into your eyes, it will make your eyes sting but will not harm your eyes. However, you need to flush your eyes with water. Flush your eye with water. Use clean, lukewarm tap water for at least 20 minutes. Use whichever of these approaches is quickest.Get into the shower and aim a gentle stream of water on your forehead over your affected eye. Or direct the stream on the bridge of your nose if both eyes are affected. Hold the lids of your affected eye or eyes open.Put your head down and turn it to the side. Then hold the lids of your affected eye open under a gently running faucet. If you have access to a work site eye-rinse station, use it.
  • evil_bastardpdx


    Please wash it with clean water thoroughly and immediately. No serious hurt will be caused by it, so please don't worry. Some eyes drops would be adapt to prevent inflammation. If it remains just in a second with a bit splash, there will be no question with timely water washing. However, if strong discomfort exists, or find some hurt in your eyes, you must promptly go to a doctor.
  • Joanne McAlpine


    Yes, it is dangerous for the eyes to get the laundry detergent. You'd better wash it out as soon as possible because it contains the character of anti-dirty. You just use the clean water to wash it in more times until you feel there is nothing in the eyes. Then you could use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom.

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