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Why do my eyes water excessively?

My eyes water excessively and i can't control it. What causes that? Anyway to stop it?
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  • Allison walker


    Usually the tears from the eyes are excreted by the tear system in the eyes which can be controlled. However, if your tear comes out with no control, you should take notice of it. You'd better go to the hospital and have a full check on the eyes to see whether it gets the infection or the inflammation. You should use some medical use to stop such eyes water which may cause your eyes to be dry.
  • Jonathan


    Well, it seems that there are something wrong with your eyes according to your description. And there are some possible causes, one of them is dacryocystitis. Once been diagnosed with dacryocystitis , your eyes will begin to water without stop. So, my advice for you is to consult a doctor and see if there are some ways to tackle this problem. Staying in front of your computer helps nothing.
  • walgru


    Well, from your description, your situation has something to do with the dry eyes. Many people have this kind of symptom. In other words, watery eyes can be a sign of having dry eyes. As we know that tears are for lubrication and for keeping your eyes clean. So when your tear glands don't work in a wrong order, it may develop dry eye syndrome. In other words, if your eyes become dry and uncomfortable, the tear glands react by producing large amounts of tears. Also, you should know that leaving away from the infection and allergies is an effective to get rid of your watery eyes, for they can be caused by hereditary, immune-mediated, drug-induced, chronic allergic eyelid disease. So for sake of safety, you can go and have some exam to make sure the situation. Anyway, you should pay more attention to the irritants, or it can lead to other eye diseases, such as the pink eyes. For you, I will suggest you go and see an eye doctor so that he can give some medical advices.

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