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What should i do if i drop my contact lenses on the floor?

It is a accident that i drop one of my contact lenses on floor. Can i pick up and continue wear it? Is it bad to eyes? Or i shall throw it away?
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  • csky4


    You should not pick up and continue wear it which will be bad to eyes. You should not throw it away. You could just put the contact lenses into the solution to get the invisible bacterium out of the surface. You'd better clean the bacterium out of the surface to make the contact lenses clean and then you could wear it.
  • Catherine


    The floor is always dirty and could contaminate your contact lenses, leading to some infections. So, it would be wise for you to thoroughly wash your lenses with lots of normal saline, or some warm water to infect it before you use it. Also, try to make clean use of your eyes. If the lenses are much too dirty, you have to throw them away.
  • Jacqueline warren


    Generally speaking, how to solve the problem always depends on concrete conditions. If there is no obvious striation or other problems beyond repair, in my view, i suggest you attempt to clean it. The effective way is using professional solution, however, if you run out of solution or forget to bring solution, maybe you can try these steps on the premise of washing hands totally. Next, you are supposed to pour water in hand and rub the contact lenses around in the water. In the following, you can use saline solution instead of cleaning solution to clean them. Last but not least, you use some eye drops to wash the contact lenses to eliminate bacteria. After all of these, i think you can use it again.