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Jordan nelson


Where to buy good fake eyeglasses or clear lens glasses?

I'm looking for some fake eyeglasses, the kind that don't have any prescription in the lens. I've always wanted to wear eyeglasses, so I want to get fake ones since there's nothing wrong with my vision. Where can I order some online for not that much?
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  • 04/12/2012

    Go to any optical shop in your local place where you will find a great number of them. You need to make sure what you select fit you, or they will hurt you.
  • Angelica christian


    Sweetie, all the glasses have a pair of clear lenses. So it is easy to find a pair of fake glasses. You can have a look at any eyeglasses shops or online optical stores. Fake glasses will not do great damage to your eyes. Nowadays many people wear them for fashion. You can definitely have a try.
  • Makayla


    You can have a look at There are some good suggestions for you to choose from. Hope this helped too!
  • Connor nelson


    You can buy a pair of non-prescription glasses in any local eyeglasses shops. I think the seller will be very glad to help you. But the glasses sold online are much cheaper than that sold in any physical shops. So you can have a look online too. But you should be careful when you want to buy a pair of glasses online. I suggest you to use visual try on systems to help choose the frame shape. Besides, you also need to have a look at the comments and size of the glasses that you choose. Hope this helped! Good luck!
  • Thomas keith


    Ha-ha. I have bought 2 pairs of glasses on firmoo. The glasses are affordable and the quality is OK. So you can have a try. A pair of fake glasses will be less than $50. You can have a look at
  • gwynnie


    Well, you can buy fake glasses in any eyeglasses shops. I suggest you to have a look at walmart or lenscrafters first because I heard that the glasses sold in these places are cheaper. But I don't think you need to wear a pair of fake glasses because there is nothing wrong with your vision. Though they will not do great damage to your eyes but you will waste your money to buy a pair of glasses that you don't need them.

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