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Aaron lester


Where do I get fake eyeglasses?

I have been looking for fake or nonprescription eyeglasses for a while now, I want them just for cosmetic reasons. The only place I can find them is at an eyeglass store, where you pay for the frames and they put clear glass in the lenses, for about $200. There has to be a place online to get glasses that won't cost this much. Any suggestions?
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  • 04/12/2012

    Some cheap stores have them like forever 21 or wet seal. You can shop around at your local place, such as, the drug store or over-the-counter, they have a large number of cheap fake eyeglasses.Furthermore, you can shop online, generally you can save 30%-40% compared with the local stores. Google online, you will see hundreds of optical online stores with fashionable and stylish fake glasses.Hope this can help you.
  • hand_and_soul


    There is the fashion now of wearing the eyeglasses with no prescription lenses or lenses to just for the looks. You could go to online stores to have a search. You could go to the amazon or ebay to have a look. The kinds of goods there is various. You may find such type. It won't cost you too much.
  • Ryan evelyn


    You can have a look at Firmoo. There are many glasses for you to choose. The prices of the frames range from $29-$50 if you don't need a pair of prescription lenses.
  • eddy


    Oh, my god. $200 is a lot of money. I won't spend that money on a pair of fake glasses. Dude, you can buy a pair of prescription glasses online with that money. You can buy at least two pairs of fake glasses on Firmoo. I bought 2 pairs of glasses from Firmoo. One of them is a pair of prescription sunglasses. The other one is a pair of prescription glasses. They are affordable. And they send me an extra nose pad. Some screws and a small instrument to tighten the screws if they are loosen some day.
  • Jose joyce


    You can buy a pair of glasses in any online eyeglasses stores. You can ask an optician to take off the lenses. Many people wear frames to decorate themselves recently. And it is almost a trend among young people. You can have a try too. This will not cost you more than $100. Hope this helped!
  • Ana evelyn


    You just asked the same question as I did last month. I have found many answers in where Can I buy fake eyeglasses for fashion? Hope they are useful to you too. Good luck!