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Jackson peters


Where can I get fake reading eyeglasses?

I'm a guy, where can I get fake reading eye glasses that are for guys? What I want preferably is rectangular black frame. And if it helps I live in Toronto.
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  • 04/13/2012

    You can get them everywhere and anywhere. Grocery stores, drug stores, convenient stores, accessory stores, just shop around.
  • cupidityx


    Do you mean this kind of glasses?
  • walkingfetus


    Though you live in Toronto, you can buy the glasses that you like in any online optical stores. Nowadays, there are more and more international online optical stores. They are cheaper than a pair of glasses sold in your local eyeglasses shops though you need to pay the shipping fees.
  • Jacob adams


    Dude, you can have a look at Hope this helped! I found this online. But I am not living in Toronto. So I haven't bought any eyeglasses from this store. But I often hear that the glasses sold by walmart and lenscrafters are very cheap. You can have a try. Good luck!

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