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Connor may


Where Can I buy fake eyeglasses for fashion?

I have perfect vision, I just need a pair of fake eyeglasses for my acting class. I don't want the frame of the eyeglasses with no lense, I want them with just regular clear plastic or glass. BTW, im a guy so I don't wanna go to claires. unless they have a website i can buy it from. are there any other stores i can go to or any trusted websites i can buy them from
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  • Jack


    From your description, you just hope a pair of eyeglasses that won't correct your vision. We usually call such eyeglasses as Plano glasses, fake glasses or eyeglasses with non prescription lenses etc. The eyeglasses are filled with lenses that make it look regular glasses. Also, the eyeglasses won't affect your vision. And almost every eyeglasses shop provides it. Personally, I suggest you to order one pair online which is more affordable than it is in real shop. As far as I know, Firmoo is a reliable websites you can go. I have bought one pair there. Their eyeglasses are very affordable, and also look nice.
  • 04/14/2012

    Go to any eyeglass store, such as, Lenscrafters, Journeys, Forever 21, Hot Topic, Earthbound, even WalMart. You can choose any glasses with non prescription, but just for fashion. Or you can buy them online.When entering your prescription information, enter 0 for every field.
  • edward


    Dude, once I have found many beautiful fake glasses on walmart. They can be good choices for your acting classes. But that link is too long so I give you this one You can search fake glasses after you open this link. Hope this helped too!
  • Joanne McAlpine


    You can buy fake eyeglasses for fashion form this online store there are many kinds of eyeglasses are available, those eyeglasses are all very fashion.This is the best online store for buying fake eyeglasses for fashion.
  • Mark


    Oh, it is very easy to buy eyeglasses for people with perfect vision. You can get it at almost any eyeglasses shop. Just pick up a pair of plano eyeglasses( non prescription eyeglasses). Plano eyeglasses are made with non prescription lenses that can't affect your vision. If you want to buy a cheap one, you can also search them online. In fact, you can have a look here at, The eyeglasses frames here are affordable and nice. Good luck.
  • warren


    There are so many online optical shops. You can choose any one of them. Every time I want to buy a pair of fake glasses, I just need to choose the frame that I like.
  • chicomm


    You can buy a pair of fake eyeglasses in any eyeglasses shops. And many online eyeglasses shops can give you a pair of complete glasses with 1.50 lenses. But the glasses online are much cheaper than that sold in any physical shops. You can have a look first. Good luck!
  • chrisera21


    You just need to tell the optician that you need a pair of non-prescription glasses. Then they will make a pair of that kind of glasses for you.
  • Sherri H


    Referring to your question, I know that you would love to own a pair of Plano eyeglasses with the lenses which have no power. Actually, you can easily find such kind of eyeglasses at online shops such as Firmoo, zennioptical. All these online shop are trustworthy. So you can have a happy purchasing time with them.

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