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Eric percy


Should I wear fake eyeglasses?

People always mistaken me that im much younger so I thought fake eyeglasses would make me look older
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  • 04/14/2012

    Personally,they won't make you look older, they will only make you look more professional. It also depends on which type of frame you want to get. If you have perect sight, you don't have to wear glasses, even the fake glasses.
  • Logan hall


    I think you can have a try. Maybe eyeglasses can make you look more modest. And it seems you have a perfect vision. So, you can just choose a pair of non prescription eyeglasses(or some people called it Plano eyeglasses). The lenses won't affect your vision. With it, it will make your fake eyeglasses look a real one. And you can buy such plano eyeglasses almost at every eyeglasses shop. Good luck.
  • tuener


    You can wear fake eyeglasses. Fake eyeglasses won't do great damage to our eyes. They can help decorate us. The non-prescription lenses won't affect our vision but they can't help correct our vision as well. But I doubt that whether fake eyeglasses can make you look older or not. Many people often say that I look younger than my age. So what? I don't care about this. If they mean I am not mature enough. I am trying to experiences more things and learn more in my daily lives. But as to the looking, I have nothing to do with it so I just let it be.
  • taylor


    You can wear if you like. Fake glasses won't do great damage to your eyes. Many young people wear them for fashion. You can definitely have a try. But I heard that you want to look older by wearing a pair of fake glasses. Really? It sounds incredible. Many people want to stay young forever while you want to look older. Ha-ha, it is a little difficult to understand.
  • Kimberly Y


    Sweetie, most people want to keep young forever. So look younger than your age is not a bad thing. We will become more mature after us experiences a lot of things. Besides, as time passes, we will age naturally. So pretend to be young or pretend to be old is not a good choice. We should always be ourselves no matter what other people talking about us. Hope you can understand this.

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