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Luke murphy


Is it possible to replace the lenses on fake eyeglasses with prescription lenses?

To get glasses we all need to pick out a frame first. Is it possible to get some cheap fake glasses and replace those lenses with prescription lenses?
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  • 04/13/2012

    It depends on the material of the frames. The metal frames are usually soldered in cheap drugstore so lenses can not be replaced. If it is plastic, just press the ambient part of the lenses by force, then you can pop out the lenses and replace them with prescription lenses.But it is not recommended if you do this by yourself, cuz lenses are easily cracked. We suggest you go to the optical stores to have the lenses replaced.


    I would not recommend you to do that. It is difficult to replace lenses and some the lab technicians are unwilling to do it for you because you may not be satisfied with the results. That is to say, if you have your lenses replaced with prescription ones, you may not get clear vision. What's more, it is costly to replace the lenses.
  • Brandon cook


    I think it is possible to replace the lenses. You can bring your fake glasses with you and consult an optician in a nearby optical shop. But if the frame is of poor quality, they may get damaged during the replacement. So some opticians will refuse to replace the lenses. Dude, a pair of prescription glasses will cost you less than $100 online. Why not buy a pair of new prescription glasses for instead?
  • Jacqueline warren


    I think it sounds reasonable. But cheap fake glasses are of poor quality. They can't last for a long time. Maybe few months later you may need to buy a pair of new glasses. So I think you'd better buy a pair of good glasses. Plus, you can have your eyesight checked in the morning because the result is more accurate than that in the afternoon.
  • Kaylee


    Some optician will replace the lenses for you. But some will suggest you to buy a pair of new glasses. If you are short of money at this time so that you want to save your money in this way, I suggest you to buy a pair of prescription glasses online. The glasses sold online are much cheaper than that sold in any physical shops. Usually you can spend $100 to get a pair of prescription glasses online. Some glasses will be more expensive. But the quality is much better. You can have a look at Firmoo. Hope this helped!