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Can eye problems cause dizziness and headaches?

I have an eye problem. I also suffer from dizziness and headaches at the same time. Can eye problems cause dizziness and headaches?
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  • Kyle kirk


    The people who have vertical heterophoria may often suffer from double vision. Then their brain needs to get their eyes look at the exact same spot. But this will overuses the eye muscles. one of the eye needs to strain to look up a little bit while the other eye needs to look down a little bit. In doing this, our eyes muscles will become fatigued and achy. This will lead to dizziness and headaches.
  • Isabel fergus


    Cataracts may bring you headaches. You can treat with your cataracts and then your headaches will go away on its own. You can consult your doctors to know which kind of eye surgery can cure cataracts. I heard that lasik eye surgery can help solve many vision problems and eye problems if only you are a good candidate for this kind of surgery.
  • b1eedingthrough


    Dear friend, I think you should treat with your eye problems as soon as possible for many eye problems will lead to vision problems and further affect your work and life. Many people suffer a lot nowadays. But with the development of the science and technology, many diseases can be cured. So I strongly suggest you to see an eye doctor for some treatment. Dizziness and headaches can be caused by other reasons too. One of my friends has migraines. She often suffers from dizziness, headaches and vision problems.
  • b1ggy_13


    Eye problems may lead to dizziness and headaches and neurological disorder such as a stroke may lead to dizziness and headaches too. I think the first thing you may need to do is to have a correct diagnosis. There are many possibilities in getting dizziness and headaches. If you are suffering from great pressure and anxiety at this moment, you may suffer from dizziness and headaches. Hope you good luck!

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