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What can you do to protect your eyes from a solar eclipse?

They said that a solar eclipse will damage our eyes when we watch it with bare eyes. Why? What can we do to protect our eyes from a solar eclipse?
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  • Dylan duncan


    We know that UV radiation can cause damages to our skin. It can burn our skins. When a solar eclipse happens, the intense infrared and UV radiation will damage the retinas of our eyes. And this will be quicker than sunburn in our skin. If our eyes were exposed to a solar eclipse for a few seconds, they will suffer from permanent damage. That's why we need to wear a pair of protective eyewear to observe a solar eclipse safely.
  • catgay2005


    It is so lucky to see a solar eclipse. But our eyes can be damaged by look at the sun directly when the solar eclipse happens. We should find some ways to protect our eyes for the photosphere of the sun will emit intense infrared and UV radiation when a solar eclipse happens and this would burn our eyes. You can wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes when you are watching this miraculous natural phenomena.
  • ebbainthesky


    We can see a solar eclipse on TV. This will not damage our eyes. Or we can use something to filter the solar photosphere's rays when observe it. Some people observed a solar eclipse by wearing a pair of sunglasses or using the radiographs to filter the rays from the sun. But I am not sure whether the sunglasses or radiographs can protect our eyes or not.
  • elen_t


    You can apply the following equipment to observe a solar eclipse. They are eyepiece with a solar filter, a video camera, a camera with sufficient memory and appropriate lens, a sound recorder to record comments and reactions. But you may need to remember that you can just record a video by these equipments rather than look the solar eclipse through them.
  • gerard


    We can protect our eyes buy watching this spectacular natural phenomenon by sitting in the front of the TV. We know that environmental exposure to UV radiation may lead to cataracts. When a solar eclipse happens, there is more UV radiation. If we view the sun at this time in an improper way, we may suffer from retinal burns or eclipse blindness.
  • Tatiana


    Few years ago, I came across the solar eclipse. I didn't think it was very amazing. We just suffered a few minutes of darkness in daytime. And my father said that he saw the sun with bare eyes for two seconds and then he felt that his eyes ached and also suffered from a little dizziness. I just stayed at home and listened their shouting and noises. I was not as excited as them. I thought it was just a natural phenomenon. Maybe the reason behind this phenomenon was more interesting than the phenomenon itself. There are many interesting things in nature. That's why the scientists are working to explore in this field. Protect your eyes by safety eyewears when you want to see it.
  • Rebecca


    The only way to view the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed Sun safely is to project or filter the Sun's rays. An easy and cheap way to view the Sun is to project its image to a screen, such as a sheet of white paper or cardboard. Projection works well with or without a telescope or binoculars. However, don't look through the telescope%u2019s eyepiece or side-mounted finder scope while projecting the Sun's image to a screen.
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