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Does wearing someone else's glasses ruin your eyes?

I often wear my sister's glasses. Can wearing someone else's glasses ruin my eyes?
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  • emptybot


    Dear friend, we use glasses to correct our vision problems in our daily life. We know that if we can't see things clearly, we may have to strain our eyes to see things which may put heavy burden on our eyes and further lead to eye strain. But our eyes can adapt to the situations slowly even though your sister's glasses may bring blurred vision in the beginning. If your sister's glasses can't help with your vision problems, you'd better not wear her glasses. Usually we will not allow other people to wear our glasses or use our eye drops because we may get an eye infection by wearing other's glasses or using other's eye drops. You can buy a pair of glasses in the online stores. The glasses sold online are much cheaper. But I suggest you to have your eyesight checked by an eye doctor before you buy a pair of glasses. And you'd better have an eye exam in the morning than that in the afternoon because the result of the exam will be more accurate in the morning than that in the afternoon. Hope this helped!
  • emptyheading


    I think wearing someone else's glasses can ruin our eyes. But if the glasses are plano glasses or plano sunglasses, you will not ruin your eyes buy wearing them. You can think about that. When you have different degrees, wearing a pair of glasses that is not fit for you will cause you to lose vision when you're wearing them. Though this symptom will not persist for too long after you take off other's glasses, I still suggest you not to wear your sister's glasses. Hope this helped!
  • John Rodriguez


    If you and your sister have the same degrees in both eyes, you can wear her glasses without ruining your eyes. But I still suggest you not to wear someone else's glasses for you may at a higher risk to get an eye infection by wearing other's glasses. And I'd like to remind you that you can't use other's eye drops too. Good luck!
  • Anna


    The short answer is yes, It would be uncomfortable but not harmful to wear the wrong prescription just for a few minutes , but if you prepare wearing them for a long period of time for working, watching or do anything else ,it%u2019s very harmful to your eyesight.
  • Tyler


    I lost my glasses last month. I had been wearing my sister's pair of glasses for almost a month. She has 175 degrees in both eyes. I have 200 degrees in both eyes. It is a pair of computer glasses. I think the glasses will do well when I am playing computer games. But later, my mum took me to see an eye doctor and had my eyesight checked. The result is a little worse than before. The doctor also suggests me not to wear other people's glasses. Hope this helped!
  • Erin jackson


    I think wearing someone else's glasses will not ruin your eyes as long as the degrees of your glasses are totally the same with the degrees of your sister's glasses. But wearing someone else's glasses may cause eye strains and headaches when the degrees of the two prescription glasses are totally different.
  • emiliaenespanol


    Wearing a pair of incorrect glasses will not damage your eyes in any way. However, though using eyeglasses with an incorrect prescription will not cause long-term effects and your vision will not go worse, there may be some inconvenience when you are driving or operate machinery. You may suffer from dizziness and headaches. You may make some mistakes result from your bad eyesight or unhealthy conditions such as dizziness or nausea for you can't focus your attention on your working. So I suggest you not to wear other's glasses anymore.
  • harris


    Wearing someone else's glasses will ruin your eyes. Different people have different focal length, your eyes will need to adjust to the new focal length of other's glasses so this will increase or decrease your power according to the glasses your are wearing. After your eyes get used to other's glasses, your eyesight has already been damaged in some way.
  • evil_bastardpdx


    If you are a kid, I suggest you not to wear someone else's glasses for there are many potential risks for kids if they wear wrong prescription glasses for a long time. You may suffer from an out-of-focus image on your retina which likes a distorted image in an amusement park mirror. If you suffer from the out-of-focus image for a long time, you may develop amblyopia which can be called lazy eye.
  • Victor Lee


    If your prescription is the same as your sister's, you surely can wear them. However, if your prescription is different from your sister's, wearing her glasses will bring damage to your vision. Because our eyes are adjustable, if we strain our eyes too frequently, they'll stay all the way like that.

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