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Roy Lee


Where to buy glass sunglasses?
I read here, if you care about quality you should get glass sunglasses. But I am having a hard time finding a glass sunglasses. I found one for $35 and $200 on Amazon. I think $35 is a fair price for a quality sunglasses, but was wondering if there are other options out there besides these two.

What websites could I buy some other glass sunglasses?
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  • walfor


    Dear friend, I just bought a pair of sunglasses on Firmoo last month. I don't know whether you like this kind of sunglasses or not. The price is higher than $35 but far more less than $200. You can have a try. Hope you will like it. But I think it is very good. I like it very much. But I have to tell you the lenses are not made of glasses.
  • walkyr


    Hey, Guy, click at to find a pair of sunglasses you like. I know that these may be all sunglasses Firmoo have on its online stores. I haven't found a pair of glass sunglasses for you. But I think the sunglasses which have resin lenses are better than glass sunglasses. I have myopia in both of my eyes. The right one is stronger than the left one. So I have to buy prescription sunglasses. Usually I need to change my glasses about every two years. So I think resin lenses are better than glass lenses for I once broken two pair of glasses when I am playing in the outside. So I often buy resin lenses for all my glasses no matter they are eyeglasses or sunglasses. But I often wear contacts when I am playing basketballs nowadays. I also need to wear sunglasses when it is a sunny day (I think glass sunglasses are easy to be broken in the outside). Hope this helped!
  • Matthew


    Dear friend, you can buy ray ban sunglasses for they are glass sunglasses. You can google this website on the internet to find all kinds of glass sunglasses Hope you will like them.