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Dylan fergus


Can anxiety disorder cause vision problems ?

I am suffering from great anxiety recently. Can you tell me whether anxiety will cause vision problems or not? Thank you in advance!
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  • Robert


    Dear friend, anxiety can cause vision problems. When you are suffering from great anxiety, you may feel that there is something wrong with your eyes. You may find it hard to see clearly, notice visual snow or flashes. You may be sensitive to the lights if you are too anxious. But actually there is nothing wrong with your eyes. It is just the normal response to your anxiety.
  • Blanca C.


    When you are suffering from great anxiety, you may have blurry vision as the a initial vision problem. If you are unable to see faces at a normal distance while this never happens before, you may suffer from some vision problems caused by anxiety. Your blurred vision can be caused by the increase in the blood pressure or hyperventilation. I think you'd better have your blood pressure controlled by relaxing yourself or take some pills which can help reduce anxiety.
  • Nicholas carter


    Dear friend, of course anxiety will cause vision problems. But we can prevent anxiety and further avoid vision problems bought by anxiety. I'd like to share some information with you to help you prevent your anxiety or relieve anxiety. You can eat bananas for there are some kinds of chemicals ingredients which can help reduce your anxiety. You can drink plenty of water every day to hydrate your eyes and body as well as prevent from being taxed by anxiety.
  • Kaylee


    I think anxiety may bring us vision problem. More and more people are suffering from great anxiety nowadays. Even my little brother said that he felt great anxiety. He was just 10 years old at that time. he didn't want to go to school. he said that he couldn't understand what his teacher was saying. Obviously his anxiety was coming from lagging behind. Every time he suffered from great anxiety from his study, he would tell us he was seriously ill. He had some vision problems. he couldn't see the blackboard clearly. Sometimes he would tell us that he may need a pair of eyeglasses immediately. But later he would manage all the things without glasses. Although all the families laughed at him in some way, often we would call him a liar, we still tried some ways to help him reduce his great pressure and help him with his homework. But later we know that anxiety can cause vision problems.
  • evelyn


    Anxiety may cause tunnel vision. When you are suffering from great anxiety, you will produce excessive amount of adrenaline. The adrenaline will enter into your blood stream. This bodily reaction may lead to tunnel vision. You may also experience peripheral vision tricks. You may feel that you can see something from the corner of your eyes while actually there is nothing there.

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