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Mark Burns


What are the restrictions after having cataract surgery?

I plan to to take a cataract surgery to treat my eyes. But before that, i would like to know what are the restrictions in daily life after cataract surgery. Any suggestion?
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  • walkingthepaths


    After the cataract surgery, you'd better take care of your eyes from several points. You should keep the good habit of diet. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. You should have the good rest for the eyes which will make eyes feel relaxed, with no eye strain. You could not smoke or drink which will stimulate your eye nerves.
  • Larry S


    Yes, there are many restrictions that you need to know before this cataract surgery. The cataract surgery usually only takes 15 minutes but patient need to stay in hospital for about 90 minutes, for the doctor need to make preparation for surgery and post-surgery evaluation. You can't drive home until the day after your surgery. During the healing and recovery period, you need to protect your eyes carefully. Don't get water into your eyes, because the open wound in your eyes makes it very easy to get infected. Don't go to swim within two weeks after this surgery. Don’t travel by plane until at least 5days later. Avoid bending, exercising, or weight lifting over 25 pounds or any similar sports. It is a must to wear protective eye wear for the first week after surgery while sleeping. If you need to go to any place with too bright lights or sunrays, it is a must to wear special sunglasses for 1 year to avoid any scarring.
  • Zachary eddy


    There has some matters need attention after your cataract surgery to treat your eyes. Firstly, no strenuous exercises with fierce head drop, no strength exertion, avoids trauma and take rest for at least three month and without heavy physical labor and sports. Secondly, avoid unclean water get into your eyes when you washing head and face. No rub to your eyes or wipe your eyes with towel or paper tissue. Thirdly, take medicine or eye drops as the doctor's advice; eating digestible food and avoid simulative food to keep defecate unobstructed. Finally, Please wearing safety goggles within two weeks after surgery and recheck your eyes condition at regular intervals.