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Does hayfever cause dry eyes?

Is it possible to cause hayfever because of dry eyes? If so, how can prevent it?
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  • walker03andrea


    Well, yes, it is possible to have dry eyes because of hay fever. According to some researches, when you have hay fever, it will lead to disorder in your body. And in that way, it will just affect your eyes, leading to some eye problems. For example, it will just cause dry eyes. And your will feel dry, or itchy. In some cases, you will get red, bloodshot eyes too. For your situation,you can choose cold compresses, and repeat it several time. Besides, you can just apply cool teabags under your eyes, which can be beneficial for your eyes. Of course, seeing the eye doctor is also essential.
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    Yes, it is possible for you to cause hayfever because of dry eyes. The dry eyes may be caused by the body dehydration. Your dryness of the eyes may cause the eyes infection for you. The symptom before the hayfever may be the dry eyes. You could drink more hot water and keep notice of diet. You could use some eye drops to release the eyes. If you protect the eyes carefully, you could prevent the hayfever.
  • Kelly Dalton


    Anyway, it is true that hayfever would give rise to some problems to us, such as watery eyes, red eyes, sneezing, etc. But dry eyes seems rare in this case. You should know dry eyes are resulted from a lack of some vitamins, or overworking with your eyes, or some infections for example, pink eyes. Prevention? Of course, you could try to get more exercise and get a balanced diet, also try to make good use of your eyes. Just pay more attention and protect your eyes in every way.