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Can eye infections cause ear infections?

Will eye infection cause ear infection? Why? Is there any way i can do to stop it?
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  • Jaime


    Yes, the same culprits that are behind eye infection also cause ear infections. The most common eye infection is pink eye or conjunctivitis that is caused by bacteria mainly. And the symptoms of conjunctivitis include redness, itching, inflammation in the eye, more important thing is that it is contagious. And the most common ear infection is in the middle ear and is commonly caused by bacteria that build up in the ear. Therefore, there is a highly possibility for people who have eye infection to get ear infection at the same time. That is to say, there is a direct connection between eye and ear infection. Usually, there is no specific treatment for conjunctivitis caused by a bacteria. The recommendation is usually to let it run its course.
  • come__tomorrow


    Yes, eye infection can sometimes lead to ear infection. As we know that eye infection is about the redness of the whites of the eye, and it may have several causes with different types of presentations. For example, if you have red eye with yellow eye discharge, it can be "pink eye" or bacterial conjunctivitis. If you have got red eye without discharge and with a cold, it can be viral conjunctivitis. In other words, eye infection can be caused by the pollens and other irritants, allergies. And you also should know that for pink eyes, it is usually accompanied by a first, it often starts with just redness without discharge and then yellow eye discharge appears. And when the yellow discharge appears, this usually responds to antibiotic eye drops. At this time, an ear infection may accompany this. So you should pay more attention to it. For this situation, you should do something to make your cold recover. Besides, you can use frequent warm compresses on the eye