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Can eye infections cause blurred vision?

Will eye infection cause blurred vision? Is there any way to help me get out of blurred vision?
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  • Danielle may


    Blurred vision is one of eye problem, there are many causes of blurred vision as following: 1. The lens loss of elasticity. It easily happens to elder people, and taking antioxidants can be slowed. 2. Tired eyes can cause blurred vision, such as using computer or watching TV. 3. Cataracts also can cause blurred vision. 4. Eye infection also can cause blurred vision. If your blurred vision IS caused by tired eyes, you can take regular breaks or look around at objects at long distance. And if your blurred vision doesn’t caused by tired eyes, you'd better visit a medical professional as soon as you notice any changes in your vision to prevent it from being permanent eye damage.
  • handygrl_90


    Yes. It is possible to get blur vision if you got eye infection. Not just blurred vision, eye infection can be a serious condition even can be evaluated immediately in an emergency setting. In details, eye infection can cause patient extreme sensitivity to light, high fever, severe headache, eye pain, sudden swelling of face and even loss of vision etc. So, if you get eye infection, go to see a doctor immediately.
  • Jack taylor


    Yes, the eye infection may cause the blurred vision. The eye infection must be caused by the dryness or the contagiousness from the dirty things like the dust or the sands in your daily environment. You should take notice of it. Too much dryness of the eyes may result the eyes infection. In addition, it may cause the sudden change in the eye pressure which directly causes the double vision. That is why your eyes will have the blurry vision. Thus, you'd better have a good rest for the eyes, using computers or tv as little as possible. You should not use the eyes for a long time with no rest. You may set the time to have a good rest, like watching far away or closing your eyes for a moment. In addition, you should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes, such as the milk, vegetables and so on.
  • george


    Well, yes, eye infection can cause blurry vision, in some degree. As we know that eye infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses or environmental agents, such as pollens and other irritants. So in many cases, people get eye infection when they are with irritants. But you also should know that blurry vision is also can be caused by the bacteria, and other allergies. So when your eyes are infected by some viruses, you can get eye infection. At the same time, your blurry vision can occur too. So you should be careful about it. To treat your symptom, you can just take some measures to find out the direct infection cause. So you can figure out the problem. Sometimes, just going to have an eye exam will be considerable. Besides, you should know that blurry vision can also be caused by some other factors, such as Macular degeneration.

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