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Robert Johnson


Is cranberry juice good for eyes?

Does cranberry juice help keep eye healthy? If so, How? Is it OK if i take too much cranberry juice?
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  • Christopher


    Yes. It can help you keep eye healthy if you take some cranberry juice daily. Cranberry juice contains amount of vitamin C and vitamin A and zinc. Those components are significant to help keep eye health. Intake some vitamin A can prevent eyes from tired and reduce water of eyes. And vitamin can prevent from cataracts and zinc can keep eyes work in a healthy way.
  • Mackenzie rose


    Yes, it is helpful for keeping eye health. Cranberry juice contains a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin A. As we all known, one cause of eye disorders is lacking of nutrients in diet. These nutrients include vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc. In other words, a daily vitamin that contains a beneficial formulation of nutrients that is rich in antioxidant nutrients. And cranberry juice can provide the nutrients to prevent some eye disorders. However, it could not provide the full amount of the recommended nutrients in a daily basis. It just has a positive impact on eyes and overall health. Therefore, it is not good to take too much cranberry juice, and may cause unexpected side effect.
  • Jocelyn david


    Yes, the cranberry juice will help keep the eye health because of the inner vitamin C which could make the eyes get moisture. The cranberry juice also contains the medicinal fruit. It contains citric acid, stone acid and vitamin C. The refreshing drink is such a good raw material which contains picric acid, hydrogen acid substances. It can be made in medicine with the medical value. In addition, it can heal internal and external symptoms with plum medicine for astringent. Although it is healthy for the body, drinking too much cranberry juice will not be good for the body. You should just drink the suitable amount of it to increase the vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • Saarah


    It seems that you are going to take some cranberry juice. As far as I know, cranberry is a vitamin rich fruit, which contains an awful lot of vitamins and nutritions including Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are beneficial to your eye health. You should understand that purple colored juice or black juice are good for eye health. However, it would not be wise for you to take in too much of them.