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Theresa M


Is manuka honey good for eye infection?

I got eye infection. Does manuka honey help me? Any idea?
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  • Robert ja


    Manuka honey is an all natural remedy and is used internally to help sooth a sore throat and cold symptoms. manuka honey is also applied to canker sores and fever blisters. To help strengthen the immune system, take manuka honey daily to help prevent getting a cold.For eye infection, it has some similar effects but that much effective. I suggest you to use some eye drops when you suffering.Anyway,use manuka honey in your daily meals will help you to built a strong body. Good luck!
  • cha0s_engel


    Yep, manuka honey can be used to successfully treat eye infection. Unlike other honey, Manuka Honey from New Zealand has additional antibacterial properties that not found in other tyes of honey. And it can be thoroughly mixed with water when diluted with water and used as eye drops, thus making it more effective in treating infection. By the way, Manuka honey with UMF ranging from 10 to 16 can be used for medicinal purpose to treat eye infection.
  • williams


    Well, according to some research, manuka honey is one of the most valuable natural products which would do good to our health. Generally speaking, the most effective function is to improve our immune system and provide some anti-virus nutritions such as UMF. So, I suggest that you go to see a doctor and take some antibiotics under his supervision, and take some manuka honey on a regular basis. Hope you recover as soon as possible.
  • Hunter jackson


    Yes, Honeys are natural remedy to cure eye infection. Infection to eyes are mostly caused by bacteria, virus and microbiological agents. Eye infection mostly causes irritation. Some may even result in redness, watery eyes, burning, itching or discharges from the eyes. As a natural remedy, honey the antimicrobial can help to clear the eye infection. Honey has antibacterial properties and act as a humectant that will clear the eye infection and gives a soothing relief. Using raw and unpasteurized honey will give additional benefits. Honey can be used in several ways for eye infection. It can be applied directly to the eye without diluting it. Put one or two drops of honey directly in the eye. The honey will collect dirt and discharges and eliminate them from natural tearing.