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Is it okay to use expired contact lens solution?

Can i use expired contact lens solution? Is it bad for my contact lenses and my eyes?
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  • Caitlin lee


    No, you'd better not use the expired contact lenses solution which will be bad for your contact lenses and your eyes. As we know, the normal contact lenses solution will get rid of the protein on your surface of the contact lenses and make the contact lenses be clear. However, the expired contact lenses will lose such function. You'd better buy the new one to clear your contact lenses.
  • Susan Wright


    It is not advisable and it is not safe as well. Your know, there are some chemical components that can help us to clean the lenses, including our eyes. When the solutions are expired, they will begin to degrade. Of course, how fast do they degrade will depend on the brand you but and the quality. If the solutions degrades, the PH level, which is optimal before the expiration date, will come to unstable and then the solutions will be more likely to get acidic. If you use the solution mentioned above, you will get eye infection , itchy eyes and irritated eyes. You know we are not the pros, so we do not know what to do when our eyes are ill when used the expired solution. All in all, you had better not the expired solution.
  • Melanie


    OK, you sure you really want those solution? Anyway, it would not be wise for you to use those expired contact lenses, because there would be some harmful substance in the solution, bacteria would also be generated, which could give rise to some infections with your eyes. And your contact lenses should be well kept on a daily basis, so you better not do this. Maybe normal saline could replace solution for some time, but you should get some new solution.

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