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Arianna tuener


Can you use non-prescription reading glasses for distance?

My vision is fairly good, but not perfect, and in some of my larger classes in lecture halls, I have trouble reading the professors writing on the board. If I get the reading glasses like they have at Walgreens or other pharmacies, will they work for distance?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Of course not. This is because reading glasses are only for near distance, the furthest distance for reading is an arm length. It just like a magnifying glasses. So if you use glasses to see far away, your only choice is distance glasses. And you should go to see an eye doctor to make the prescription lenses correct for you.
  • Jordan owen


    I don't think non prescription reading glasses will help you look distance. non prescription glasses can't correct vision. Again, reading glasses are used by prebyopia for looking near things. Maybe you have mild myopia, you'd better take an eye exam first so as to know you need vision aids or not. If you need vision aids, you shall buy prescription glasses with your prescription given by your eye doctor so as to get a pair of suitable glasses for clear vision.

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