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Mackenzie raphael


Does anyone now tips for good eye health?

What can I do to keep my eyes healthy? There's no way I can get out of staring at computers. I'm a computer tech for work. I'm just worried cause now my eyes are beginning to be tired quite often and focusing on the screen gets a little weird sometimes. Nothing major, but I would rather prevent anything from happening.
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  • 04/14/2012

    if you have no way to get out of staring at the computer , there is no way to keep an healthy eye cuz your eyes need serious rest .the best way is to force your eyes to have a rest for even 30 secs one or two hours .download an application that will block the screen every hour to make you have a rest . It won't affect your work . Some lubricating eye drops will help relieve the tiredness but can't prevent anything frome happening .
  • Sara scott


    Yes, eye care is always better than eye disease cure, since the eye is very delicate and essential for sighted individuals. Most people rely on their eyes in perceiving the outside world. The precious eyes usually need good care. A simple task is to have regular eye checkups from an eye care practitioner. Many eye problems such as macular degeneration can be detected during a regular examination. This article firstly states the importance of eye protection during daily life and secondly introduces the significance of taking beneficial nutrients for eye health.