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Angela taylor


Can you find reading glasses to where you can see distance too?

The eye doc told me to get a pair of reading glasses+1 for my headaches. well that's not very convenient since I look from the board and back down to my paper or book all day long in school. So if I would buy a pair of reading glasses can I see from a distance too? And I wouldn't want to take them on and off all day either so I would want to have them on most of the day.
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  • 04/13/2012

    Bifocals would be a good choice that you can read on the bottom part and far away on top. Go to your eye doctor, he will give you more information.
  • Samuel hill


    According your description, you can try bifocal reading glasses. As the name implies, bifocal reading glasses are made of bifocal lenses that have two focus on the lenses. With such bifocal glasses, you can use the button part of lenses to see near while use the top part of lenses to see far distance. With it, you can always get perfect vision without take it on and off all days.

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