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How to change eye shape with eyeliner?

I want to change the shape of eyes. I want it look sexier. So, can eyeliner help me to achieve it? If so, how to change eye shape with eyeliner?
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  • Kevin


    If you want to look sexy at the eyes, you could use the contact lenses and eyeliner to help you do this. After wearing the contact lenses, your eyes will look big. You could use the eyeliner to picture alone the eye shape to the corner of the eyes. Thus your eye shape will be pointed which will look so sexy.
  • walkersville


    Yes, the eyeliner can help you with change the shape of your eyes. You know not everyone born with the perfect eyes, then they prefer to choose the eyeliner to change the shape of the eyes. Here as to the ways to make it, I want to tell you that it will depend how do your eyes look like. For example, if your eyes are wide-set or you want your eyes to be looked closer, just use the liner to the inner corner of your eyes. on the contrary, if you wan to make your eyes look wider, just liner off the inner corner of your eyes, at the same time, pls be sure that you have lined the outer upper lid of your eyes. Sometime and some people want to make a cat- eye look, which is very famous now. Then you can just line as usual, including the upper and lower, the most important is that you must add a small swipe at the outer corner of the upper lid. Yeah, of course, maybe you have some other ways to change the shape of your eyes, pls share with us.
  • cattatra


    Ok, it seems that you want to make your eyes more sexy and attractive. Anyway, you could of course achieve this effect through applying eyeliner. So, it would be wise for you to choose the right kind of eyeliner, the color is very important, also,you should try to get some eye shadow, especially black or purple color. Eyelash extension would also be useful, it depends on your skills. If possible, try to get a pair of circle contact lenses, which could also make them sexier.

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