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Does massage help eye bags?

Does massage really work to reduce eye bags? Any idea?
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    Of course it works. Eye bags might be caused by poor sleeping, aging, fluid retention and so on. Many people are looking forward to get rid of this annoying bags to look younger. Massage is one of them. Massage is very helpful therapy that it is popular all over the world. It an relax the muscle to relieve the pain and break the blockage of Chi of human body. Hence it could help promote blood circulation and reduce the bags. Applying warm tea bags and warm saline compress on eyes work in the same way. Massage with essential oil would be better. You can also simply press on the skin under eyes everyday before sleeping, which can reduce the bags effectively and gradually. Have enough water everyday and intake collagen supplement are very good for skin maintenance. I also do some masks especially for eyes, after all it is the most fragile part which could tell others my age.
  • Cassidy bell


    Yes. In common, massage can help people with eye bags. And also, you can apply some Essential Oil when you massage your eyes. It will more effective to help you remove eye bags. As far as i know, massaging the area around the eyes with almond oil or coconut oil everyday is really effective to reduce it. And if you massage your eyes at every night, it will be better. Just insist. Thought it won't reduce by one or two day. But it works. Good luck.
  • Ana evelyn


    Eye bags because of eye strain and abnormal blood circle. Massage is the manipulating of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function. Message with milk on eyes can give you previously unimagined effect. Massage is a traditional and ancient treatment option for fatigue and injury. It works for reduce pressure in blood vessels and help with recovering normal blood circle. Not only massage can reduce, even remove eye bags, but also fresh fruits and vegetables which contain abundant vitamins. Vitamins can give skin supplements. It helps to improve internal structure and enhance cells creative ability. In addition, tea bags also help with eye bags. You just need apply them on your bags 15minute every night and take a gently massage after remove them, two weeks you can get fresh and clean eyes. Don't be a lazy and ugly girl.

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