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Can anemia cause dark circles under eyes?

Can i get dark circles under eyes from anemia ? Or what are the side effects on eyes because of anemia ?
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  • Michelle leonard


    Anemia is a common blood disorder. And it can lead to dark circles under eyes and some other symptoms as well. When the body does not produce enough red blood cells, it can occur. Generally speaking, there are varieties of factors which can cause it, including nutritional deficiency or difficulty processing iron, sudden or chronic blood loss, and some other reasons. It's quite normal to get dark circles under eyes result from anemia for most people. In many cases, dark circles occur if you're anemic because your skin becomes pale, making the areas around your eyes, which are recessed. Therefore, we are supposed to take the appropriate measures to this situation. You can just take some foods which are rich in iron and sugar so that it can help you increase the blood and make the blood circulation do well, which will relief the symptom obviously.
  • Nathan harris


    As far as i know, anemia is a sign that not enough oxygen is getting to the body tissues. In most common condition, anemia is about iron deficiency. From this point, Only appear dark eye circles does not indicate anemia. If you have anemia, you are possible to suffering from tiredness, headaches, dizziness, pale skin as well as poor memory. Anyway, anemia is bad for our healthy and even cause other serious problems. So, you shall consult a doctor and treat immediately if you have anemia. Good luck.
  • Brandon


    Yes, the anemia could cause the dark circles under eyes. As we know, the dark circles under eyes can be caused by the lack of sound sleep, bad blood circulation and so on. The anemia could cause the bad blood circulation. Thus, it causes the dark circles under eyes. However the anemia could also cause the redness of the eyes and dryness of the eyes. You need to pay attention to.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    Yes, it is possible. Anemia refers to a condition that people have lower red blood cells or hemoglobin than normal range. While hemoglobin is critical in binding oxygen in blood. With low standard of hemoglobin, the oxygen provided to the skin under eyes is not enough, the blood would be dark and the viscous flow would cause discoloration there, therefore dark circles are resulted. Because of anemia, organs can't get enough nutrition and oxygen, so they can't maintain function very well. So people might get fatigue easily and the skin is dry and dull. Have a light diet, rich in iron, which is helpful for people with anemia. I am suffering from anemia too. I know that liver is rich in iron and it is very good for anemia patients. To reduce to dark circles, you should have more nutritions, vitamin supplements and fresh fruits and vegetables. Some mask of yoghurt, potato or cucumber slices could help to reduce the discoloration. Do some massages with oil could help accelerate the blood flow to reduce the dark circles.

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