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Does massage help under eye puffiness?

Can i treat my puffy eyes in a massage way. Does it really work? Any suggestion?
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  • emptybot


    Yes, it really works in an effective way. In my eyes, massage works in the same way with acupuncture. It works by forces on some points to break through the blockage of Chi or energy on human body. As to puffiness, it is usually caused by bad blood circulation and fluid retention under skin under eyes. Skin around eyes is the thinnest part of human body, so it is easily impacted. Massage could effectively accelerate the blood flow and help the fluid absorbed and flowed to other places. But you need to be tender to avoid any damages to the thin skin. Meanwhile you can adapt some other simply remedies to treat it. Drink 8 cups of water every day to ensure enough water supplies to body. Use some natural material to make mask, slices of white gourd or cucumber is very helpful. Press tenderly under eyes at least 10 times every day before sleeping.
  • Jada shelley


    Yes. massage can help reduce puffy eyes. If you add some Natural essential oils, it will be better. Usually, puffy eyes can be attributed to a build up of fluid around the eyes. So, massage around the eye area can drain the fluid thus to reduce the puffiness. But before you do that, you shall know that start a massage with a clean face. Also, it need time to reduce not reduce the puffiness. So, just insist massage it every day.
  • crazyfirekiller


    Yes, you could use the massage way to treat your puffy eyes because of the smooth blood circulation. You could do it gently. In addition, you could also use the tea bags to cover on the eyes to release the puffy eyes. You should not eat the spicy food which will stimulate your eyes nerves. You need to have the good rest for the eyes.
  • John clark


    Generally speaking, puffy eyes are swelling under eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and is full of blood vessels which make it very sensitive. Sometimes puffy eyes can go away in minutes, while sometimes you need to take some remedies for them. Puffy eyes can be caused by many factors: fluid retention, stress, allergies and hormone changes. Use cold, refrigerated used tea bags to remove puffiness, or apply some eye creams on the puffiness. Also, drink plenty of water to clean out your system and limit sodium intake are also remedies for puffy eyes. In addition, massage is also a great new way to remove them. You can massage the skin around your eyes with some aromatherapy oils which help with reduce pressure in blood vessels and take some supplements for skin. But you need massage the skin gently because the skin around eyes are so thin and easily gather fats. All in all, massage really works for puffy eyes. The effect is so prominent.