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Can excessive reading cause bad eyesight?

I like to read novels very much. I often read it online. Is it bad for my eyesight? Any suggestion?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    Of course, excessive reading can cause bad eyesight.Reading too much can let the brain slow down, not only eyes can be affected, but also other parts of body. Our brains are easy to be lack of oxygen and blood so that we usually have a feeling of our brains cannot think any more after a long time working and reading, which is easy to cause double vision, dizzy and headache. Computer screen will produce UV lights that do harmful to people's eyes and also lead to skin cancer. So do not read too much, especially before computer. As long as you feel tired and dryness, go to drink a cup of tea and eat some fresh fruits. If you like, you also can apply cucumber slices on eyes to take vitamins supplements, or myopia follows you and the main nerves would be hurt, eye strain and dry eyes occur naturally. However, these eye problems are the basic problems of other eye disorders, such as glaucoma, conjunctivitis and red eyes. So you must have a limitation of reading if you want to have healthy eyes.
  • emptybot


    Yes, reading too much time in front of the computers will be bad for your eyesight. Your eyes will easily get tired. Your eyes nerves will be damaged too. You'd better have the good rest after 30 minutes of watching in front of the computers. You need to look far through the windows of the tall buildings.
  • b1eedingthrough


    Yes, there is no doubt that excessive reading is really bad for your eyesight in fact. As you are reading for a long time,especially of reading online, your eyes have to focus on the small items, because of that, your eyes will feel tired. If you don't give them the enough time to have a rest, they may lead to many other eyes diseases, such as the dry eyes, the high eye pressure as well as poor eyesight. Therefore, in consideration of your eyesight, you should not be supposed to be reading for a long time. Reading in a certain time and then you can go outside to relax. In addition, you'd better prepare eye drops to make the eyes moisture or you can eat food with vitamine C to be helpful for the eyes. Hope these suggestions can be helpful.

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