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Can cataracts go away on their own?

I suffered from cataracts. What should i do now? Will cataracts go away on their own?
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  • William edward


    A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which leads to a decrease in vision. It is the most common cause of blindness and is conventionally treated with surgery. Cataracts may stay small and you may not notice them. They often do not seriously affect vision. And many cataracts do not need to be removed. It's rarely to be healed by itself. Commonly cataract surgery needs to be taken.
  • Jackson rose


    I don't think cataracts can go away on their own. Cataracts occur for the clouding and opacity of lens in human eyes. The possible causes of cataracts include aging, eye trauma and sunlight and radiation. It grows slow but it won't disappear by themselves. Exposure to sunrays would accelerate the development of cataracts. So far the most effective way to treat cataracts is surgery. If you have already got cataracts, you should avoid damages from sunrays by wearing sunglasses. Have light food rich in lutein, zinc and vitamins. Stay away from caffeine and smoking, which could absolutely make your symptoms worse. Once the cataracts impaired your vision, you should consider a surgery to remove the cloudy party to restore your vision.
  • emptybot


    As far as i know, cataracts won't go away their own. If you suffered from cataracts, you can take cataracts surgery to cure it. Besides, you can also use some medical way to treat the eyes by following your eye doctor. So, the first and important thing you shall do is to visit an eye doctor and get an eye check, so as to take the right measure to treat it. besides, cataracts are result of long time exporsing in the sun. If you don't want your cataracts go worse, you'd better wear a pair of sunglasses when you in the sun.

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