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Do vitamins help your eyelashes grow?

Can i use vitamins to help the growth of my eyelashes? Does it really work? And what vitamins help my eyelashes?
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  • Arianna walker


    There is no doubt that vitamins deficiency causes eyelashes fall out. On the contrary, take enough vitamins supplements are good for eyelashes to grow. As we all known, eyelashes are one of the hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelid. We can reduce the risk of hurting by foreign matters due to eyelashes. However, eyelashes cannot exist forever, they will fall out with time passed by. So some measures need to take to help the growth of my eyelashes. First, you must make sense what vitamins help indeed. They are vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth and it contains mutation which can lead to HVDRR and the hair loss associated with it. Also, vitamin A and vitamin C can prevent eyelashes from falling out. So you need eat sweet bell peppers, kiwi fruit, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes to take vitamin C supplement and by eating oranges and pumpkin to increase vitamin A. Plus, eyelashes play an important role in the health of your eyes. So you need take good care of them.
  • jazz pollard


    Yes you can use vitamins for eyelash growth and they will also make your body strong....Know more about eyelash vitamins and which to take and which not at:
  • tommy


    Yes, you could use the vitamin E to adopt on the eyelashes part to make them grow which is really effective and work. You'd better use it before you go to bed because the growing speed at night is fast. You could use the warm compress first and then adopt the vitamin e on the eyes parts which will make you look comfortable.
  • b1ggy_13


    Yes, i heard that vitamin E can help the growth of eyelashes. you can cut a vitamin E capsule, and apply it on your eyelids and eyelashes. Just insists doing this every night. Your eyelashes will grow after three monthes. If you just want to make your eyelashes look longer in a qucikly way, you shall apply mascara. But it is just temportarily.
  • jazz pollard