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Why do i get red eyes after yoga?

I noticed that my eyes are red after doing some yoga.Why? Is it bad for eyes?
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  • ebernardino


    Yoga can help the individual increase flexibility, build strength, get rid of stress and relax. It is a form of exercise that involves the body and mind. Yoga can enhance blood circles and improve immune system. So many after doing yoga will feel good and wonderful, especially women who can keep youth and soften skin by yoga. However, there are few people who notice the side effects of yoga. The basic one is to make your heart and lung work overtime because of different strength in different positions. And yoga also decreases blood flows which makes your blood vessels exposure on the skin. This can lead to puffiness or swelling around the eyes, even red eyes. Meanwhile you also can find a red hue to the skin in other areas.
  • chocolate_cute


    It is very bad for your eyes when your eyes get red after doing some yoga. You may have the eyes infection or inflammation. When you do the yoga, the bacterium in your eyes will move actively. You'd better use some eye drops to release your symptom. Then you will find that your eyes will feel a little comfortable.
  • Caleb


    Indeed yoga could bring a lot of benefits to our health and mind. However, as you can see , sometimes there would be a lot of demanding acts that we should do during the exercise, such as holding breath. If you tried much too hard and hold breath for much too long, you will have red eyes, it is a sign of overworking. Then you might need some rest. Typically, yoga would not harm your eyes. Just pay more attention in the future and follow their guidance.

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